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Adding Tape

Tired of adding numbers twice just to be certain you are correct? Problem solved.

Adding Tape is an adding machine with a virtual “tape.”  Note: Adding Tape is modeled after an adding machine, not a calculator. The behavior of each is different.

Add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers up to five decimal places, keeps a running total and a virtual “tape.”



  • Undo an unlimited number of times
  • Virtual tape visible while adding or switch to edit screen to view tape in a full window
  • selecting rows in edit mode adds virtual checkmarks to aid in checking your work
  • Edit mode allows you to delete individual rows
  • Key sound or mute option
  • Five different button sounds to select
  • Optional decimal behavior: stays in fixed location as you enter numbers or traditional hit decimal key
  • Alternate large Zero key or small ‘0’ and ’00’ keys