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Adding Tape

Adding Tape is modeled after an Adding Machine, not a calculator. The behavior of each is different. When using an adding machine you select the operation (+ - * /) after entering the number rather than between numbers as is done with a calculator.
In paid versions of the add you can change the key sound and mute sound as needed. Note that the top row of buttons slide BOTH to the left and right to reveal additional buttons.

Days to go

To display your countdown on the icon you need to enable Reminders. Tap the 'i' Button, then "Set Reminders." Switch to on.
If your countdown is not displaying on the App Icon check three things:

1. Be sure your countdown date is in the future. If it is not your countdown will display "Date Has Passed."

2. Turn on Reminders. Within the app tap the 'i' Button, then "Set Reminders" and switch on.

3. The app must have permission to display notifications. Launch the Settings App, tap Days to go and switch "Allow Notifications" and "Badge App Icon" to on.
You can count the days until one event at a time.